Found: The Little Free Library

Here’s the Little Free Library at Big Apple Bagels downtown. It’s cuter than this crappy photo, though.


Ask, and you shall receive.

I was just bemoaning the lack of Little Free Libraries in San Antonio. And now I’ve found one.

It’s not the world map of such libraries. But it exists. It’s cute as hell. It gives me an excuse to buy bagels. I’m a big fan of carbohydrates and reading, so there are many things to like here.

My mom and one of the toddlers were playing recently at the San Antonio Children’s Museum on Houston Street downtown. I walked over to meet them and when I showed up, they were completely done. My kid had a goose egg on his forehead from taking a flying leap off of a set of stairs. The daredevil and Mom were hungry. Everyone was tired.

So we popped into Big Apple Bagels across the street to grab a quick bite.

And behold, the Little Free Library greeted me.

I couldn’t peruse it to see what sorts of goodies it held inside. You try to do that with a cranky toddler who is trying to drink your Dr. Pepper and eat the mini muffins before the real food arrives. It is not a situation conducive to leisure reading.

I did see some books for kids. But I didn’t want the inevitable meltdown scene when I took the book away, so I let my kid eat the mini muffins instead of reading to him. Sue me.

And an acquaintance who does a lot of volunteer work said there’s an effort afoot to get Little Free Libraries into San Antonio buses. Rumor alert: I have no idea if it’s true.

But how cool would that be?

– Jen


Found: The Little Free Library — 2 Comments

  1. My son installed a Little Free Library at Golden Community Park located at 7801 Somerset for his Eagle Scout Leadership Project. It went in a few weeks ago and has been a huge success. I understand from the SA Park staff that over 100 books have been shared so far!

    • That is awesome! I just love discovering these, and it is a great Eagle Scout project. Do you need more books for it? I’ve usually got a stack that’s one the way to friends or donation, but I should start adding it to Little Free Libraries.

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