Good coffee, good food, good reads


Here’s an awful cell phone photo of the library at Cafe Tutti. Trust me, it looks better in person.

I met a friend for lunch recently at a neighborhood spot I had no clue was in the neighborhood.

Great food. Coffee. Lovely, funky atmosphere. Nice people. A wall of books. What more could you want? How had I not found this before?

As possible, we loaded the kids into the double stroller and rolled ourselves back to Cafe Tutti, which is open during the week and on Saturdays.

We read a story, found on the bookshelf, about a princess who couldn’t bear to go on unless she had the perfect peach. I have no idea how it ends because the kids got antsy, the food arrived and there’s only so long a family can last, even in a friendly neighborhood place, before needing to get the hell out of there.

San Antonio – heck, anywhere really – needs more little gems like this, and it looks like my new favorite spot is getting good reviews on Urban Spoon. 1933 Fredericksburg Road, at the corner of Fredericksburg and Furr.

We’ll be rolling back soon for the delicious food and the ending to the story.

Do you have any neighborhood spots that combine good coffee, good food and good reads?

– Jen

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