Famous writers on finding your path (and being young and stupid)

Lunch usually consists of me at my desk with a trusty pb&j. But last month I got to attend the San Antonio Express-News Book and Author Luncheon. What a treat. The event raises money for the clinical research program at … Continue reading

The weekly round up

Here’s a roundup up of what’s caught my eye in the world of journalism, books and writing: This McAllen library got some much-deserved web love from The Daily Good. It’s a fantastic redo of a vacant Wal-Mart space, and a great answer … Continue reading

More on the books-page breakdown

What was the lineup on the Books pages of the Express-News this week? For Sunday, July 1, 2012, the gender breakdown looked like this: Number of reviews/stories: Six Female authors: Two Male authors: Four We also featured one poem by … Continue reading

Women writers, book pre-orders and the books page

I’ve watched in fascination the last few years as bestselling authors Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult have spoken out about the lesser-than-thou treatment women authors receive from book reviewers. Weiner has been particularly vocal, and her biggest and most famous beef is with the … Continue reading